Tidbits, 25 July 2009

Jul 25 2009 Published by under Tidbits

Interesting and perhaps relevant:

  • Jean-Claude Gu├ędon's examination of power in science. Does e-research destabilize this situation? How? If it doesn't, should it?
  • Should copyright in academic works be abolished? Makes the obvious point that journal-article authors don't use copyright for its intended purpose of filthy lucre, and extrapolates from there. What I notice is that journal-article authors use copyright as a bulwark against plagiarism, lack of credit, and (whatever they perceive to be) misappropriation. Copyright is a lousy tool for that. We need better ones. Personally, I'd prefer that they bypass the legal system altogether.
  • A nifty-looking modeling tool: Emergent Trails for brain-process modeling.
  • A workflow tool: VisTrails. (Am I the only person who gets an Ars Magica frisson from that name? I probably am. I am such a nerd.) Tracks who did what to what when, with what result. Pluggable, written in Python.

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