Tidbits, 29 July 2009

Jul 29 2009 Published by under Tidbits

All of today's tidbits are from one blog! Well, all but one.

  • David Rosenthal on digital preservation. I had this bookmarked to blog about, but…
  • Chris Rusbridge beat me to it, saying everything I would have. Yes, online-versus-offline. Yes, research data in uncommon, niche, and/or proprietary formats. Yes, metadata! And yes, thinking for ourselves.
  • Semantic Web of Linked Data for Research? In all honesty, my reaction to "Linked Data" can be summed up in Chris's question mark. I am not a fan of RDF, I remain to be convinced that even small, constrained Semantic Webs are feasible given how slippery human reality-representations are and how fraught the attempt to render them in computer-understandable terms. Chris makes me reconsider, though.
  • My backup rant. No, not mine—Chris's again. But I have the same rant! I would add to it that I have heard many graduate students mourn that their labs push backup chores onto them without the least effort to provision them with appropriate technology. Those labs that think about backups at all, that is…

Chris, I haven't gotten around to reading the latest International Journal of Digital Curation yet; it's sneering at me from Bloglines. I will get to it, though!

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