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Access recap

Oct 05 2009 Published by under Metablogging, Miscellanea

I am back from Access and feeling wonderful… and wonderfully exhausted.

Data and its care and feeding were the dominant themes at the conference. I strongly recommend reading the session summaries at Pete Zimmerman's blog. It's hard to pick star sessions out of so very many good ones, but the Leggott, Hartman/Phillips, Turkel, and Sadler presentations assuredly will repay attention.

I hate to say it, but blogging may continue to suffer somewhat. I have a Web 2.0 talk this Friday, a Wisconsin Library Association talk on the 21st, and I'll be doing a remote presentation for Open Access Week festivities at the University of Puerto Rico on the 23rd. I have a lot of work to do for these—translating an entire presentation into Spanish will take me some effort!

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Access notes

Oct 02 2009 Published by under Miscellanea

There's quite a bit going on at Access 2009 that's data-related in one way or another. Delegate Pete Zimmerman is taking excellent notes at his blog. The Twitter hashtag is #access2009pei.

I'm up right after lunch. There may or may not be a live video stream; if not, there will be canned video later. In the meantime, check out the communal Lego table in real-time!

I know I'm behind on answering comments. I'll try to catch up sometime today… but not until after my talk.

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