Tidbits, 22 January 2010

Jan 22 2010 Published by under Tidbits

Because I scanted you on tidbits for quite some time, have a second tidbits post in a single week!

Finally, I want to call out the excellent Data Dimensions: Disciplinary Differences report from Key Perspectives. "Data management differs by discipline" is a skeletal truism; Key Perspectives puts some meat on the bones.

It also contains throwaway gems like "It is worth noting that researchers expected their own institutions to be able to provide affordable managed storage, technical support and a preservation facility – but few institutions appear to be able to offer such services at this point." (p. 10)

Incidentally, authors, this institutional-repository administrator's answer to the question "Will institutional repository administrators in a university setting be willing or able to comprehend the details of data formats and metadata schemas across a whole range of disciplines?" (p. 3) is an emphatic "You bet! Bring it on!" Metadata is my business. I'm less bad at it than you might think.

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