Welcome back!

Aug 02 2010 Published by under Metablogging

Greetings again, gracious readers. We're back, in new digs. I apologize for the lengthy silence, but in my own defense, I did use it to fight my writer's block victoriously enough to get two writing assignments off my desk for good and all (or until the edits come back, whichever comes first).

I also used the breathing space to ask myself why I'm still blogging, considering how much trouble it's gotten me into, and how allergic I am to that particular sort of trouble. I can't speak for my illustrious co-bloggers (and they are more than capable of speaking for themselves), but for my part, I believe what I said about librarians needing to get out from behind their desks and engage with teachers and researchers on their own turf.

That's important enough to be worth getting called on the carpet a few times. So here I still am.

Why here? Well, as I pondered leaving ScienceBlogs, I looked around at several other blog networks. Several were actively discouraging: if you don't do bench science, you are not welcome here, so go away. Others were one-man bands, much as ScienceBlogs was, and after the Pepsi fiasco at ScienceBlogs, I'm hesitant to trust one person's vision to be compatible with mine. (Also, ScienceBlogs's latest quasi-corporate conquest is the American Physiological Society. If you know anything about open access and its detractors, you'll understand why I'm cringing and glad to be gone from there.)

Scientopia isn't a pharaoh's pyramid; it's a barn-raising. We're all in this together. We may fail, but we're too strong a mesh to be brought to our knees by any one person's bad decision. I can live with that, quite happily.

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