What do librarians need to know about how you communicate?

Aug 04 2010 Published by under How Libraries Work

So this weekend I'm off to California to give a short talk aimed at helping the Electronic Resources and Libraries conference think about its programming. I've been asked to talk about scholarly communication, institutional repositories, and open access (surprise, surprise).

My slidedeck is done, though I'm still tweaking patter:

So are we winning yet?

I'll post a version with patter after the talk, but for now, I thought I'd throw this out for discussion: What do you, scientists, want librarians to know about how you communicate with other scientists? Where do you feel uncertain about the process? Where do you think it's coming up short? Do you think the process should change, and if so, how and how not?

I'm aware that librarians get stuck in our own thought-bubbles just like everybody else—I myself am certainly no exception. Here's a stab at bursting the bubble.

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