Friday foolery: The Dude abides (and seeks information)

Aug 06 2010 Published by under Miscellanea

One genre of academic literature in information science is the "information-seeking behavior" genre, often with an "of X" attached. I find this literature beyond useless for the most part, though some early work on underserved communities had its place, and I do know people making very sharp observations on changes in information seeking among researchers.

Despite my distaste for the genre, though, I have to love this preprint, if only for the utterly puerile amusement of seeing the PDF filename in my browser bar…

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  • Christina Pikas says:

    Oh, I was brought UP on information behavior/information seeking research - that's my favorite. How can you not love it? How can you not see the utility of a Kuhlthau article or Bates, for heavens sake?

    Pfft. Take your information organization stuff and I'll keep my information seeking 🙂

    • Dorothea Salo says:

      Yeah, but so much of that crud is "The information behavior of left-handed baboon fanciers who play with Legos in their spare time," and you know, who cares?

      As for Kuhlthau... I think I'll keep my opinion to myself. It's not exactly flattering.