Friday foolery: Batman and libraries

Aug 27 2010 Published by under Miscellanea

Many geeks already know that Barbara "Batgirl" Gordon is a librarian. But did you know that Batman solved the Dewey murders, back in the day? Well, now you know.

For more library-themed superhero, check out Rex Libris. I'm not a huge fan, myself, because there's not enough library in the superheroics for my taste, but it's still a good comic. For library- and archive-themed online comics generally, try Shelf Check, Derangement and Description, or the venerable Unshelved.

Incidentally, nobody took me up on my challenge to guess Pleione-the-bicycle's color. Pleione is purple ("matte eggplant" per Electra's own description), and Wikipedia explains the science behind her name if you scroll to the bottom of the entry.

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  • There is also the wonderful anime Read or Die where the main characters are agents for the British Library. There is a less sucessful manga R.O.D.

    I haden't heard of Derangement and Description before. Have to check it out.