Friday foolery: This is a blog post about a news article about a scientific paper

Oct 01 2010 Published by under Miscellanea

In the first sentence I link to the article, making sure not to use the verboten "click here" as the link text. I also make a meta-remark on why the linked-to article is worthy of notice, and summarize it if I have not done so already.

A piquant quote often follows:

In this paragraph I will state in which journal the research will be published. I won't provide a link because either a) the concept of adding links to web pages is alien to the editors, b) I can't be bothered, or c) the journal inexplicably set the embargo on the press release to expire before the paper was actually published.

And I end with a one-line zinger.

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  • Chris Rusbridge says:

    In this comment I will say that the linked to journal from the linked to article (neither of whom I can be bothered to link to in this comment, mainly because I can't remember how to write a link in HTML any more) gave me a huge larf. Especially the article about how global warming can't be happening because of Genes1s... or something.

  • proflikesubstance says:

    In this comment, I will self-righteously claim this all to be garbage and as proof, link to a post on my own blog that happens to be unrelated to the topic being discussed.

  • Bonnie says:

    I'll try to provide a helpful link to the original journal article, but my link will be broken and have to be corrected by another commenter below.

  • Slant says:

    In this comment I make an oblique pun based on the similarity of the finding to this one thing that happened in an episode of Star Trek DS9. It was a good episode.

  • Toast says:

    This comment is a suspiciously generic-sounding bit of effusive praise for the post and the blogger, under a name that seems a likely search engine keyword for the site it links to.

    (But visit the site anyway. The books that are behind it are lots of fun.)

  • chemicalbilology says:

    It's a meme!

  • Helga Perry says:

    And in this comment I discuss the relative merits of qualitative versus quantitative approaches to this type of research for answering the ultimate question: "Am I bothered?"

  • Dorothea says:

    In this comment the blogger acknowledges the total superiority of her commenters to the rest of those schlubs on the open Web.