Best writing in open access, 2009-2010

Oct 20 2010 Published by under Open Access, Tidbits

In lieu of a regular tidbits post this week, I thought I'd highlight the best short writing I've seen in open access over the last year or so. Some of it you'll have seen here before, but as we all know, it takes quite a lot of repetition before the message takes hold.

What's wonderful is that there's a lot of brilliant writing to choose from. What's even more wonderful is that it's not all coming from librarians! What's the most wonderful of all is that this writing is everywhere. It's not just a few rabid bloggers like me. It's not just the faithful vanguard, bless them. Open access isn't quite mainstream yet—but this year it's been putting its foot in the door.

Onward, then.

Honorary mention, because it's not directly open-access–related, goes to the University of California's well-phrased refusal to take Nature Publishing Group's price-gouging lying down.

I've missed a lot. Tell me what I've missed in the comments!

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