Friday foolery: The Plight of Metadata

Nov 19 2010 Published by under Miscellanea

Molly Kleinman says that we librarians spend too much angst and teen on metadata, and she's completely right. (It's not always our fault; sometimes our systems force us to be martinets. But she's still right.)

Even so—who will worry about the poor neglected metadata? Who, I ask you?

Pat Lockley, that's who. He took a lengthy tour of the seamy underside of the metadata industry, and chronicled the results.

(Trigger/offense warnings: one totally egregious and unnecessary slam at fat women, a lot of broad stereotypes. The bit about repository managers, though? Completely true. We've all been reduced to that. Take my word for it.)

The Plight of Metadata from Pat Lockley on Vimeo.

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