A thing I'm thankful for

Nov 22 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

So it's gratitude week on Scientopia, and terrible misanthrope that I am, I thought I'd take the edge off a bit and participate.

First up, a thing I'm thankful for. Believe it or not, there are lots of these, but if I have to pick one that's work-related, I'll call out my nice office iMac. It's an elegant machine with a big screen that makes it just as easy to ssh over to a server as it is to read my email.

Don't laugh. When I started in my current position, I had a Winbox, and getting to a proper Unix command-line prompt was one hell of a hassle. (Don't talk to me about Cygwin. Just don't.)

The machine is over three years old, yet doesn't feel sluggish (unlike, sadly, my similar-age MacBook, which is cruising for a replacement soon) and still runs the latest-greatest in everything I need.

To each user her computer; if Winboxen are your thing, good for you. For me, my iMac gets out of my way for the most part and lets me get things done. I appreciate that. A lot.

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