Friday foolery: the twelve months of Trogool

Dec 10 2010 Published by under Miscellanea

Right, so, it's December and time for all those year-end recaps. Here's what we've been frothing at the mouth talking about this year, in the form of the first sentence of the first post from each month:

  • January: "Peter Keane has a lengthy and worthwhile piece about the need for a “killer app” in data management." (Wow. I still like this post. That's rare, with me.)
  • February: "Happy Groundhog’s Day Eve!" (Er, okay.)
  • March: "So the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is mired in a rapidly heating controversy over a report that apparently let some dubious information slip through the cracks." (Funny, how this mess has colored everything else that's happened this year in data-management-land.)
  • April: "Not good at organizing your thoughts, much less your research notes?" (Did this actually fool anybody?)
  • May: "Having made it back at last from Scotland despite the ash cloud, and overcome jetlag and (some) to-do list explosion, I finally have leisure to reflect a bit on UKSG 2010." (Boy howdy, do I ever still believe this post. The cracks are showing. And widening.)
  • June: "*blows off the dust*" (Argh. Been a lot of that this year. Sorry.)
  • July: "I would be utterly remiss in my duties were I not to point out SciBling John Wilbanks’s vitally important new open-access initiative." (Heh.)
  • August: "Greetings again, gracious readers." (Oh, yeah. We kinda moved this year. It was cool.)
  • September: "Christine Borgman has a lengthy track record of saying smart and apposite things about scholarly communication and research data." (Yep. Meeting her at IDCC 2010 was a conference highlight for me.)
  • October: "In the first sentence I link to the article, making sure not to use the verboten “click here” as the link text." (I guess a lot of first-posts ended up on Friday this year?)
  • November: "A faculty friend of mine forwarded me the email following." (Where is the Wikileaks for ridiculous journal-publisher behavior?)
  • December: "This is by way of a public-service warning." (Bears repeating.)

Cheers. I do hope 2011 is a better year for blogging. This one has been rough on me—not always for bad reasons, to be sure, but even so.

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