Huh? What'd she mean by that?

Jan 08 2011 Published by under Jargon, Metablogging

So in response to a plaint in a BoT comment, I've made a glossary of often-used jargon and acronyms on Book of Trogool.

It's assuredly not done yet! Please feel free to suggest things I've missed in the comments, on this post or any post. Librarianship, open access, and data curation are no less prone to jargon than any other field of endeavor. As a librarian and a teacher, though, it's my business to make the obscure and obtuse less so.

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  • hal caswell says:

    Thanks for doing that; I was thinking of requesting it. It will be helpful.

  • Thanks for this.

    I often get an urge to either insert a spelled-out version or an explanatory hyperlink the first time I use an acronym in a post (unless the acronym is well-known to lay people, and not specific to libraries or academia). I think the acronym-expansion urge comes from a style guide recommendation I read once; it's harder for me to remember to do it for non-acronym jargon.

    I can't say I always remember to define my terminology, though I've sometimes gone back in and inserted definitional hyperlinks to a post when I hadn't done so earlier.

  • (another) Former Academic says:

    Thanks! could you add green vs gold open access? You've explained them from time to time here, but I can't keep them straight. Perhaps a brief note as to etymology would form a useful mnemonic.