Can it be? A metadata standard that makes sense?

Jan 19 2011 Published by under Research Data

I am notorious for hating library metadata standards and standard-like objects. Hate MARC. Hate Dublin Core with a great and wonderful hate. Hate OpenURL. Hate EAD. Hate OAI-PMH and OAI-ORE. Bring me a metadata standard, I'll usually find something to hate.

What does it mean that I like the DataCite Metadata Scheme? Am I losing my edge? Going over the edge? What?

Or it could just be that the DCMS is a sensible minimum that solves the problem at hand (identifying and citing digital datasets) without gobs of cruft or gobs of oversimplification. They've also acknowledged the need to revisit and change the scheme over time, and are working on how that will happen (Open Archives Initiative, I am training laser-eyes on you).

DCMS is not perfect; in my opinion, they'll need to go beyond DOIs to handles and ARKs and PURLs. (Yes, I know all DOIs are handles; not all handles are DOIs.) But for a first cut, it's pretty darn good, and it'll stay that way if they can resist the temptation to cruft it up. Good job, standardistas!

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